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Anonymous asked: hey the link...i opened and and downloaded it but it doesnt show up anything on the main screen of the laptop..help me pls :((

what do you mean it doesnt show up? What kind of computer do you have/ You might have to download a converter to download it :)


The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

Anonymous asked: can you give the link of the divergent movie?

actual photos of me downloading the movie


18 years and kind no longer

He cried to god but can’t get stronger

Reaching out both his hands to hold to

Such a pretty smile he can’t take

Fighting suns in such a small town

“Oh god why can’t you free me somehow?!”

Suddenly every sigh I tried to breathe was stopping now

Cry to god, a boy, no stronger

And in those days he stood, no falter

A summer smile I won’t remember

No, it stays the same forever

“Guess I died. And I’m so sorry”

Goodbye’s too sad and way too lonely

Oh god, no, don’t you say that you’re leaving

Oh no don’t leave me!

I finally know those hazy figures

Were just looking for this “me””

Lost Time Memory/ロスタイムメモリー : (x) (English Lyrics (c) JubyPhonic)

Animated version: (x)

Theo James and Shailene Woodley behind the scenes of Divergent

Anonymous asked: you're probably extremely tired of getting asked these types of questions but, did you purchase Photoshop or no? if no, can you please give me the link? sorry

I didnt purchase it, I actually got it with my computer! I’m sorry! But I’m 99% sure that if you look up “photoshop download” in the tumblr search bar there are a bunch of links and instructions to get it!

Anonymous asked: Are you gonna gif divergent?

hopefully if the goddamn download gets past 35%

“You nearly died today,” he says. “I almost shot you. Why didn’t you shoot me, Tris?” “I couldn’t do that,” I say. “It would have been like shooting myself.”

Shailene Woodley and Theo James at the ICG Publicists Awards 28/02/14

Anonymous asked: are you able to watch all the xfinity videos?

I’m not sure what you mean by that! I don’t have cable TV haha!

Anonymous asked: You should post that picture with Shai's quote on it so I can reblog it and you can be credited for it. I love that quote. I think I'm going to put it as my background also.

Sure go ahead! The only reason I didnt post it was because its only 451px wide so it would look all pixely and awkward. I don’t care if anyone uses it! it only took like 5 mins to make haha! no need to credit me :)