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most likely a temporary change for ITA!

depcutiejparrish replied to your post: anonymous said:Where can i watch …

Lucia isn’t it amazing?? I saw the moment it was released and I can’t wait to see it again it’s such a plot twist

At first I have to admit I was like ????!!!! because I found the shots and cuts really weird, but I also really loved it by the end, although I did suspect the end from the beginning. I think that’s because my friend who had already seen it had implied it which sucked ugh. I actually really loved it, though! Shai is really good at picking good indie scripts wowow

Anonymous asked: Where can i watch white bird in a blizzard???

Shailene + crying

Your last fear is your worst fear.

New still of Katniss Everdeen in Mockingjay Part 1


Allow yourself the simpler pleasures of existence.

Everyone will do just fine w i t h o u t   m e;

I keep finding myself stifled by the company of others and then crippled by loneliness when I leave them. I am terrified and I don’t even know of what,

                                         because I have lost e v e r y t h i n g already.

Anonymous asked: It would be amazing if you could somehow submit your epilogue song thing about how tobias feels to the future producers of allegiant or something to see if they would play it in the movie or do a post saying thats what you want so tons of people can reblog and like and stuff to at least get it noticed

It would be! It probably couldn’t happen though for copyright reasons, because I’m a minor and a bunch of legal stuff would go down. But they did post it when I submitted it to them! It was nice to see that they thought it was good! Thank you!


“Change, like healing, takes time.”